Certificate in Agriculture

This applies to participants who want to embark on agricultural training for shorter durations


  1. Catfish Brood stock Production and Management
  2. Catfish Multiplication and Management
  3. Food Fish Production and Management
  4. Poultry Production & Management
  5. Pig Production and Management
  6. Rabbit Production and Management
  7. Apiary (Bee keeping)
  8. Grass cutter Production and Management
  9. Snail Production and Management
  10. Crop Production and Management
  11. Vegetable Production and Management
  12. Nursery establishment and Management
  13. Computer Operations
  14. Enterprise Management
  15. Basic Financial Accounting
  16. Project Report Writing and Presentation
  17. Aquaculture Engineering


This can be for:
  1. one week
  2. Two weeks,
  3. One month,
  4. Three months or
  5. Six months as the case may be.


    The minimum entry qualifications for NVC programme are as follows:
  1. - Basic Writing and Reading Skills
  2. - Interest in acquiring Technical Skills in Agriculture
  3. - Holders of Post Basic Education Certificate (Post JSS)
  4. - Post Secondary students who are unable to gain access to higher education, who may have less than 5 credits
  5. - Those out of school for a long time
  6. - Unemployed Graduates, Civil Servants, Retirees, Pensioners
  7. - Those whose passion is to improve their skills etc
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