Don't get into that enterprise without knowing the knitty gritty of it.
Stop wasting resources!
Stop littering our land space with monsters of failed Agric-business projects!
Before you commit your resources to that enterprise, come to OFFERCentre Institute of Agriculture to learn what it entails, even if you are not the one to directly manage it.

2020 Training Calender for short courses at OFFERCenter Institute of Agriculture

Courses Dates for AgricDates for Cathering
Introduction to Bee Keeping Jan. 13th - 17th


Introduction to Fish Farming January 21st - 25th  
Organic Farming February 11th - 25th
Feb. - April
Poultry Enterprise Management February 18th - 22nd
Nursery & Cash Crop Enterprise & Management March 11th - 15th
Honey Production & Management March 18th - 22nd
Sheep and Goat Management April 8th - 12th
Commercial Pasture Enterprise April 15th - 19th
Swine Enterprise Management April 22nd - 26th
Catfish Seed Multiplication Enterprise Management May 1st - 31st
Tilapia Seed Multiplication Enterprise Management
Project Management June 10th - 14th
Aquaponics June 17th - 21st
Cattle Enterprise Management June 24th - 28th
Rice Farming Management July 8th - 12th
Commercial Farm Management July 15th - 19th
Food Fish Enterprise Management July 22nd - 26th
Catfish & Tilapia Processing Enterprise August 12th - 16th  
Sustainable Agriculture & Wealth Creation August 19th - 23rd  
Catfish Seed Multiplication Enterprise Management September 2nd - 28th
Sept. - Nov.
Tilapia Seed Multiplication Enterprise
Poultry Enterprise Management October 14th - 18th
Organic Farming October 21st - 25th
Cane Rat Management November 11th - 15th
Snail & Rabbit Enterprise Management November 18th - 22nd
Rice Farming Management November 25th - 29th

Target Audience

  • - Passion Driven Youths in agriculture and hospitality businesses.
  • - Retirees.
  • - Prospective Farmers.
  • - Agric Entrepreneurs:
    • * To imporve knowledge and skills
    • * To diversify agric-business.
  • - Retirement Packages for staff of companies
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for communities and groups
  • - Agric initiative and Cooperative groups
  • - Constituency projects
  • - Sponsorship of Church groups
    • * especially youth apostolates.
  • - Nigerians in diaspora who want to start an agric-business in Nigeria

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